Ancient Cities in Trabzon

Ancient Cities in Trabzon
Altındere National Park: Altındere National Park of Maçka province of Trabzon, is 45 km away from Trabzon city center, and hunting is forbidden but eating, accommodation, camping services are maintained.
Sümela Monastery is also included by it.

Boztepe: Lying southeast of the city centre, the area of Boztepe dominates the surroundings and has always been highly respected through the ages. The hill has fine views of the surrounding city and the sea, and is a popular place for picnics in the summer, and there are the remains of a ruined convent and monastery. The Convent of Panaya Theoskepastos dates back the 14th century and was used as a Greek Orthodox church until 1923. Kaymakli, around 4km south, is a former Armenian monastery and contains well-preserved frescoes dating back to the 17th century, with the courtyard now used by the adjacent farm. There are some minibuses that go near to the monastery, although a short walk is also necessary.

Camburnu:It is a pine grove – beach and picnic area of Sümene province on Trabzon – Rize State Highway.

Sera Lake: This lake was formed from a crater, the result of a landslide in 1950, and lies near Akçaabat, 2km from the sea and 8km west from the centre of Trabzon. It is a good picnic area and there are also restaurants nearby.

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